Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review - NYX Studio Perfect Primer

I remember thinking that I didn't need Foundation Primer because I did not have any fine lines or visible pores and my make-up already had a smooth, flawless finish because my skin is naturally smooth. The Iman Cream to Powder Foundation and Iman Luxury Pressed Powder I was using worked well on their own, so Foundation Primer wasn't critical to my face prep routine.   

All of this changed when I stopped wearing Foundation and only wore Powder.  I could not believe it, the Powder was not lasting.  It would disappear during the course of the day even though I was using a make-up setting spray. I was not pleased at all because I was not accustomed to having this issue. 

I was chatting with Danielle from ColourCoded Makeup about my 'powder problem'  when I visited their booth at the BMEX Trade Show, and she advised that using a primer would make a huge difference.  I had nothing to loose, so the next morning I reached for my NYX Studio Perfect Primer (the Clear one), and I'm happy to say that my make-up stayed put until I cleansed my face.

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While at BMEX I purchased a Sleek BB Cream from the Essential Trends Booth, but  unlike the Iman Cream to Powder Foundation, the BB Cream was not applying properly.  I decided to apply the NYX Studio Perfect Primer first and I no longer had that issue either.

NYX Studio Perfect Primer is a fantastic product, I say this because it did just what it promised.  What makes me love it even more is that it makes my skin feel like velvet, yes velvet and who woulldn't love velvety skin?  I must confess that every-time I apply it I keep touching my face in awe of how lovely it feels. None of the other Foundation Primers that I have used so far made my skin feel like velvet.

I have no complaints about this product, it has earned a well deserved place on my favourites list.  

I've also used elf Clear Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer,  click here for the review.

Do you use Foundation Primer? Which brand is our favourite?

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