Monday, 3 October 2016

Review - How To Declutter Your Cosmetics

Make-up companies are always creating new products or modifying existing ones.  This is good for their cash flow/profit, but can sometimes be bad for us make-up addicts who can't resist buying more products. Before you realise it, you will either run out of storage space  or end up with more products than you can use, or both.

Let's be real here, one of the most difficult things to do is control the urge to buy make-up.  If you haven't found a way to cope or you find your resolve wavering, click here for some tips from Pacific Daily News.

I already have more than enough make-up, plus I have no more space to put anything else. Not to mention that I have products that I hardly use or have never used, so buying more would be a waste of money and make-up.  Am I still tempted? Of course I am! I try to avoid going into the make-up stores, I try to buy only what I need and I try not to stray from my shopping list/budget.  Does this always work? Nope, not 100% but the majority of the time.

Life is to short to waste money or make-up!

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