Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Review - 21 Genius Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

What would life be like without Lipstick?  Obviously less colourful, and probably less fun.

Let's see if these 21 tips found on MSN Lifestyle are truly genius, and if we really need to know them all.

1 - This is a similar concept to using a toothbrush, which is the best method I've tried so far.  Another option is a lip scrub, which is popular right now, but the ones I tried didn't work for me.

2 - Great tip but then you have to clean your finger after. I prefer to use this method and toss the tissue in the garbage when I'm done. 

3 & 4 - Most makeup products are multi-use products, despite what is specified on the label.  You don't have to wait until your eye-shadow is broken though, I surely don't.

5 - Using a lip brush or the lipstick directly has the same effect.  All you have to do is take your time and apply it as many times as necessary to get the look that you want.  

6 - For a stained look you just need to apply a small amount of lipstick and spread it lightly. 

7 - Has anyone tried this? I honestly never remember to do it because I'm always rushing (read about my dilemma here).  I just default to auto-pilot and do the basics, I don't have time for anything more. 

8 - You can also try this if your lips are hyperpigmented to provide an evenly coloured base for applying your lip product.  How dark or pale your lips are will also alter how the colour looks on you e.g the more pigmented the lip product, the better for darker skin tones, otherwise you hardly see any colour.

9 - You should try to make your lips look larger if they are NOT naturally large, but any lip size can fill in their lips with lip pencil etc.

10 - Has this worked for anyone?  I always promise to try this but that's a promise I can't seem to keep - I wasn't kidding when I said that I am always rushing.


11 - Too much to remember? Here's a simple guide -  nude lipstick is not visible or it's barely visible on your lips.

12 - This is a good starting point for finding a red lipstick. Personally, once I test the lipstick and I like how it looks on me, consider it bought. 

13 - Be careful not to draw the "X" too wide or too narrow; otherwise you will create a bow - just not cupid's.  If you blend your lip liner with your lipstick there should be no tell-tale line.

14 - Use the correct shade of concealer for your skin-tone, keep the line as thin as possible and blend it in.

15 - Or you can pack a lipstick or lipgloss that can wear with every outfit - that's what I do.

16 - You can also keep the broken lipstick in a container and apply it with a lipbrush.

17 - I wonder if this will affect how smoothly the lipstick glides across your lips.  You may have to wait until it's at room temperature before using.  None of mine have ever melted but some have sweated.

18 - Don't forget to blend the colours where they meet.

19 - If this works the days of lip stick ruined items will be numbered.

20 - You can also use a smudge brush.  BONUS - this will work with your eyeliner too.

21 -  This should work depending on how bad the wrinkles are. Click here to find out what Primer does.

These are some excellent tips, easy to follow and helpful.  I hope you found tips that you can use or share them with someone.

"...because your make-up should always enhance." - Nakita Squires