Friday, 30 October 2015

Review - e.l.f Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine

I was checking out the e.l.f products in Kmart's beauty aisle.  I purchased the Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine - Angel and a few other products. I didn't open it, I didn't even swatch it or smell it.  I was waiting until I had finished either of the 2 lipglosses that I was using at that time.  I wasn't going to open the new lipgloss just to satisfy my curiosty and risk it's expiration before I was ready to really put it to use. (CLICK HERE for makeup expiration tips).

The day I had been waiting for had finally come - approximately 1 year had passed, and I was so excited. Who wouldn't be, after seeing a product description like this:

Product Description:
This Super Glossy formula leaves your lips with a healthy glossy glow. The delicious flavor and sweet scent will leave you licking your lips in delight. The perfect on-the-go tube that is mess-proof for easy application anywhere and anytime. Wear alone or layered over your favorite lipsticks for gorgeous, glossy lips!

The first thing I noticed while applying the lipgloss was the smell.  It smelt old and musty.  Next was the consistency, it was unusually thick and wasn't spreading easily. I thought nothing of this since I was not familiar with the product.  Soon after, I was gazing at my lips in the mirror when my lips started to tingle slightly.  I checked the ingredients for menthol but even if it had in menthol in it, this was a different kind of tingle.

Well bearing in mind my current lip strategy (CLICK HERE for the details ), I wiped it off immediately and threw away the gloss.  I was not taking any chances.

I have a low tolerance right now when it comes to lip products.  This was the first e.l.f Lipgloss that I had used.  The price was right so I bought it to give it a try.  I wanted to see if it would give the more expensive glosses some competition, but it didn't.

So what if it only costs $2 on e.l.f.'s website?  A product's price is not always a true indicator of it's quality (CLICK HERE to read about that ). I don't even think that I will buy another one to try.  There are too many lip products out there that I haven't tried yet.  Plus, buying that e.l.f lipgloss was a waste of my money which is a huge "no-no".

I'm not sure what went wrong because the lipgloss has some good reviews on e.l'f's website.  Also, I've never had a problem with any of the other e.l.f products I have used before (CLICK HERE and here for the reviews).  Nor have I ever had a problem with the lip products from other brands that were not opened for a long time after they were purchased.

This is strike one for e.l.f, but since this is the first offence after a good track record, I won't hold it against you.

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires

Friday, 23 October 2015

Time To Say Goodbye

After it dawned on me that my lips might be having an allergic reaction to lipstick ( CLICK HERE to read about that 'aha' moment), I decided to throw away my personal lip products that I was holding on to that had expired.

Yes, you read correctly, expired.  Sadly, make-up does not last forever, but after you have spent so much money on your make-up, it seems like such a waste to get rid of it.  Especially when the majority of the product has not been used  (to get the make-up expiration times CLICK HERE ).  I had decided to keep using them because they still smelt and looked the same.

Believe me when I tell you that this was not an immediate decision, I thought long and hard about this.  I removed the products from the shelf but I couldn't bring myself to just throw them in the garbage.  They were all excellent products so this post is a brief tribute to them.

Roll Call
  1. Arista Lipstick - Purple Rain (View Swatch
  2. Bath & Body Works Liplicious Lipgloss - Cotton Candy
  3. OCC Lip Tar - Hoochie (View Swatch to see the swatch)
  4. NYX Lipsmacking Colours - Hero (View Swatch)
  5. L.A. Colors Moisturizing Lipgloss - Blazing Violet (View Swatch)
  6. NYX Lipgloss - African Queen (View Swatch )
  7. Makeup Forever Lip Gloss 
It honestly pained me to discard them, but I still have quite a few left - some that I haven't used yet (CLICK HERE to see what I mean).

This is why I wish there were more mini-sized products - CLICK HERE to read about that.  I would definitely feel much better about tossing a mini product.

"...because your make-up should always enhance." - Nakita Squires

Thursday, 15 October 2015

These Lips, These Lips, These Dry Lips

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For as long as I can remember, my lips always stage a revolt after I apply my lipstick. 

Let me explain...

My lips look normal before and after I apply lipstick.  But eventually dry skin appears on my lips out of nowhere it would seem. 

It's not a good look at all.

I drink water on most days and exfoliate my lips often.  I also use lip balm before applying lipstick, and lip gloss after.   I've tried different brands and formulas - including moisturizing and the results are always the same.  While writing this post I considered the possibility that I am having an allergic reaction but I can't possibly be allergic to them all!  

Years ago I had even stopped wearing lipstick and only wore gloss.  I was wearing eyeshadow then, so I was still getting my  colour fix.   All was well with the world until I stopped wearing eyeshadow (CLICK HERE and HERE to find out why) and  yes, you guessed it - lipstick was my 'friend' once more.

Well,  that friendship is on rocky ground again, but I'm still not wearing eyeshadow. Sooooo I'll be lining my lashline and wearing blush and mascara to compensate.  We'll see how long I can keep that up because that will require more time and I am always rushing to get ready.

Want some lip exfoliation tips? CLICK HERE 

"...because your make-up should always enhance." - Nakita Squires

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Exfoli...Wait A Minute!!!

Exfoliation is nothing new to the make-up world, it is the removal of dry, dead skin.  

I've known about face scrubs from my early make-up days but I can only recall hearing about lip scrubs in recent years.  

I have tried some lip scrub products but they did not work.  The only method that leaves my lips smooth is using a soft toothbrush.

I used to think that that I had to keep scrubbing until all of the dry,dead skin was removed.  I mean what's the sense of exfoliating if dry,dead skin is still on your lips when you are finished? On two recent occasions the skin was very stubborn but I was determined to remove it.  

Well, I achieved my goal but it left my lips sore...OUCH!  I only realised this after I was finished. I didn't feel any soreness while I was scrubbing.  I wasn't rough, I didn't scrub with wild abandon, I really don't understand what went wrong.  I've been exfoliating my lips for years and this has never happened before.  It won't happen again, you can bet on that.

The discomfort was bearable but it's not something I want to repeat.  I hope you never have a similar experience.

CLICK HERE (WIKIHOW) and CLICK HERE (The Gloss) for some lip exfoliation tips. 

Just be aware that you should always exfoliate with care! (that has a nice ring to it *smile*)

"...because your make-up should always enhance." - Nakita Squires