Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Day My Concealer Brush Disappeared

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I had just finished filling in my brows with brow pencil and  I reached for my concealer brush to neaten and highlight my brows.  Why wasn't it in it's usual spot?  I looked everywhere, but I still did not find it.

Why me? Why now? What about my brows?

Talk about bad timing.

As I stood there trying to figure out how I would finish my brows, I remembered a recent conversation with a work colleague.

She had mentioned that she preferred to use a flat eyeshadow brush to highlight her brows with concealer because it worked better than the concealer brush.  When she showed me the eyeshadow brush, I saw that since it was a flat brush like the concealer brush it would work.

I found a flat eyeshadow brush and put it to the test.  It earned a distinction!  It applied the concealer easier, easter and better.  I was very pleased with the results.

I was so pleased that even after I found the concealer brush weeks later I continued to use the eyeshadow brush.

This is why you shouldn't obsess over the brush type/label; the shape, thickness etc are more important - click here for more.  Years ago there weren't so many different types of brushes, it's great to have them all but you don't need most of them.

"...because your make-up should always enhance." - Nakita Squires