Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Review - E.O.S Lip Balm

I remember when E.O.S Lip Balms first burst onto the beauty scene.  The stir that this product created with its novel packaging and shape is still fresh in my mind.

Image Source http://evolutionofsmooth.com/

Image Source http://evolutionofsmooth.com/

All of the fuss surrounding this lip balm and the rave reviews caught my attention.  Besides it's unique package; what else did this product have to offer?

It was quite pricey here in Barbados; so I bought one on my next trip overseas.  I was so excited!!!!!  I didn't delay.

I opened the package, took note of it's mild yet pleasant scent, applied the lip balm and waited for the magic to happen.  I was expecting fireworks, something...anything.  Sadly, I got nothing.  My lips didn't look different,  my lips didn't feel different, was I missing something?

 I visited the product website hoping to find some answers.   The first thing I saw was that they were also available in stick form (which I prefer).  I was a bit surprised because I had not seen the Smooth Sticks in any of the ads nor the reviews.  The sphere shape is too big and clumsy for me, I prefer something sleek.  

Image Source http://evolutionofsmooth.com/

Image Source http://evolutionofsmooth.com/

I also saw that this product is 99% natural, petrolatum-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and phthalate-free. *Translation* it's better for your skin than the majority of lip balms out there.  That alone would normally be reason enough to buy it, but after all the hype I was expecting something more.

Don't get me wrong, if you want to try it go right ahead.  I'm just letting you know that it didn't do anything for me.  I was neither wowed nor 'blown away'.

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