Wednesday, 19 February 2014

One Important Thing You Must Do When You Prep Your Face

Have you noticed that when some products are applied to the skin, it leaves your skin feeling moist/wet?

All you need to do is wait a few minutes to allow those products to absorb into your skin (i.e. your skin feels normal when you touch it) BEFORE applying the next product in your make-up routine.  This is especially important for your moisturizer, mattifier and primer which prep your face for your make-up.

If you are like me with little time to spare;  you don't have to just watch the clock while you are waiting.  I'm sure you can find some part of your daily/nightly routine to do.

Here's how it usually goes for me:

1)   While waiting for the moisturiser to dry so that I can apply primer, I apply body lotion and spritz on some perfume.  

2)   While waiting for the primer to dry so that I can apply my eyeshadow and foundation, I enhance my eyebrows with browliner.

Waiting a few minutes gives the products time to do what they are supposed to, which should result in evenly applied and lasting make-up.  I don't know anyone who wants streaky, unevenly applied make-up, do you?

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires