Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Key To Applying Everyday Make-up

Please, please, pleaseeeeee leave the masks for Halloween or Masquerade Balls.  For those of you who may be a bit puzzled by that statement; I'm referring to make-up that overwhelms and even hides the beauty of the person wearing it, which is not what everyday make-up is supposed to do.

I have lost count of the times my eyes have opened wide in shock or had to look quickly in the next direction as I go about my daily activities.  Foundation, concealer, powder and browliner that is plastered on so thick that it looks as though it can be scraped off is not attractive or appealing in any way.  Neither is eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and blush that is applied so brightly that persons seeing it have to squint or reach for their sunglasses because it hurts their eyes.  Don't get me started on the lash extensions that are so long and thick (and sometimes sparkling) that the wearer can barely open their eyes.

Image Source - images.beautyriot.com

The only time make-up should be applied heavily is for stage performances, video and photo shoots because the make-up has to be visible through the harsh and unnatural lighting that is used.  Even then the final effect should still be visually appealing and appropriate for its intended purpose.

Image Source - davasion.com

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There truly is a time and a place for all of the make-up looks that you have seen on television, the internet or in magazines.  For everyday make-up there is no need to apply your make-up so heavily and outrageously bright.

 It's time to stop showing your make-up; let the world see your beauty instead.

Image Source - forum.ebaumsworld.com

Image Source - www.ladisav.com

If you are unsure of which colour eyeshadow or lipstick to wear with your outfit click here for some tips.

"...because your make-up should always enhance." - Nakita Squires