Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Don't Be A Victim - How to Choose the Right Shade of Foundation or Powder

I believe it was 2004 when a co-worker (who was a former make-up sales rep) said to me:

"Nakita your make-up is always applied flawlessly, but I don't think that shade of foundation is right for your skin-tone   Let's set a date to go shopping for a brand that I think will be a better match for you."

At that time I was wearing Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Foundation in Cappuccino, which had been tested and recommended by the Revlon sales rep.  I decided that I had nothing to loose and we went make-up shopping.

My co-worker tested Iman Cream to Powder Foundation in Earth 4 on my face and I noticed the difference immediately.  I looked and felt amazing.

It was a perfect match compared  to Revlon which had my skin looking slightly ashy.  The Iman sales rep  recommended Clay-Medium-Dark Pressed Powder to set the Foundation but that shade was out of stock.

 I went to another location and the sales rep there was shocked when I asked for that shade.  She told me that she wears Clay-Medium-Dark and it would be to light for me.  I believed her because her complexion was much lighter than mine and her make-up looked perfect.  She told me that Earth Dark would be a better match for me, and it was.

That was a near miss for me, I am thankful that it worked out in my favour in the end.  I received so many compliments it was unbelievable.

Everyone has not been that lucky; I wasn't when I was told to buy the Revlon product.

Unless you normally use a particular make-up product you will not know which shade to buy.  Make-up sales reps therefore have a critical role and enormous responsibility helping you to choose the correct shades and types of products.  But as you have seen here; sometimes they make mistakes.

Here are some tips when testing foundation/powder

  1. It shouldn't stand out e.g be lighter or darker on your skin.
  2. It should blend with you skin and make it look better.
  3. It should enhance and look flawless and natural.

Here is an easy way to remember -

your foundation/powder should always BE (pronounced be) - Blend and Enhance .

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"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires