Sunday, 10 March 2013

Colour Choice - Soft vs Bold

Words fail to express how much I love make-up.

I love its versatility,  I love its wide variety of colours and I love how it can enhance or transform the person wearing it.

Make-up is worn for a multitude of occasions; during the day or night.  A very important factor that must be considered when creating your look is the colours that will be used.

"How do I know which colour to wear for which time of the day?"  - Softer colours should be worn during the day (especially for the office) while the more intense, dramatic colours should be worn at night.  

If it is a fun occasion during the day; bold colours can be used but the colours should not be overpowering.  You want people to see the impact of your make-up not only the make-up itself.

Here are a few examples of make-up looks created and modelled by yours truly :

At the Office


Fashion Show


No matter which look you are creating, your make-up should always be well blended and enhancing.

Which is your favourite occasion to get all dolled up for?

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires