Monday, 18 March 2013

ERROR - That Is Not The Correct Shade For This Client (Part 2)

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I took a deep breath and put my doubts aside.  I left home without wearing any make-up  because your natural skin tone must be visible, and went to the make-up store hoping that this time would be different.  

Here is a summary of my experience:

It started off on a good note.  I was greeted well and made to feel at ease but then everything went downhill... fast.  

Error #1 
 She did not ask about my skin type (normal, dry, oily or combination skin). 

Tip #1 
 Some types of foundations (liquid,powder,cream) work better with a particular skin type.

Error #2
 She did not ask what conditions I would wear the foundation in. 

Tip #2 
 Air conditioning dries out your skin and being outdoors may cause you to perspire more than usual. These factors affect how your foundation will look during the course of your day.

Error #3 
She did not ask which type of foundation I preferred. 

Tip #3 
Some persons may prefer a particular type of foundation i.e. cream, liquid or powder.  

Error #4 
My face was not cleansed with a facial wipe/toner, nor moisturised, nor primed.

Tip #4 
Make-up should only be applied to clean, moisturised skin;  while on my way to the store my face would have been exposed to dust/dirt in the atmosphere.  
For persons who want to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, using foundation primer is critical.

Error #5 
 The foundation was not tested on my jawline. 
It was applied from my temple and went as far as quarter-way down my neck. 

Tip #5 
Foundation must match your face and your neck.  
You should not see where it starts nor ends.  
The jawline is the perfect area for determining  if the shade matches your skin tone.

Error #6
She was double dipping i.e repeatedly dipping the brush in the product after applying it to my skin.  

Tip #6
After double dipping the product must be sanitised before using it on the next client to prevent the spread of infections/germs. She simply replaced the cover on the container and returned it to the product table with the other testers.

Error #7
 I was not invited to go outside to view the result in natural light. 
 The shade used looked too light to me but I decided to go outside to be certain.

Tip #7
 It is surprising how different your make-up looks in natural lighting vs artificial light.  
Make-up viewed in artificial light can be very deceptive.

I asked for a mirror and went outside to view the result.  What would I find when I got there?

To be continued... Click here for Part 3

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires