Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tick! Tock! I Must Beat The Clock Pt1

I'm wearing less make-up products these days, not as a result of any careful planning, but through necessity.  I'm always trying to beat the clock but I usually end up losing.  Well I decided that it was time for me to win.  I have reached the point where I'm tired of running out of time when doing my make-up.  I want to complete all of my tasks before I leave home; instead of having to skip some of them.

Here is my everyday make-up routine:

Step 1  Eyeshadow
Step 2  Brows
Step 3  Foundation
Step 4  Powder
Step 5  Lots of blending
Step 6  Setting Spray
Step 7  Lipbalm, Lip Colour and Lipgloss

Seems simple enough, but Steps 1 and 2 do take quite a bit time.  By the time I finish Step 1; I have to rush through the other Steps, and then I have to rush through all of the other non-makeup tasks that need to be done.  To make a bad situation worse,  the Sleek BB Cream that I am currently using (which I love), has a better finish with foundation primer.  This means there are now 8 Steps instead of  7,  which I have to finish in the same amount of time.

The reality is my eyeshadow application requires too much effort, and the results do not equate to the time spent.  I have to apply multiple layers because the colour barely shows up on my dark skin tone. Plus I have a sizeable eyelid so a quick sweep of the brush never works for me.

Check out these shots of the make-up I wore to work.  You can't even see the eyeshadow.

From L-R
1,2 and 6 = red eyeshadow,
3 and 5 = navy blue eyeshadow
4 = purple eyeshadow


Here's my typical eyeshadow application process:

Step 1  Primer or base
Step 2  Two layers of skintone eyeshadow
Step 3  At least 3 layers of the eyeshadow colour for the day
Step 4  Lots of blending to make it flawless

For each layer of eyeshadow I have to swirl the brush in the eyeshadow 8 times  to get maximum colour payoff.

All of this takes time...

Too much time...

Time that I do not have to spare.

I'm a girl that loves to see colour on my eyelids, it lifts my spirits and makes me happy.  But the time/effort needed vs the final result was frustrating me. (CLICK HERE for the details)

I have tried various brands - Fash Professional 120 Palette, Sugarpill, Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but the results are the same.  I do have Naked and Makeup Doll Cosmetics eyeshadows which are vibrant, but I prefer to wear those at night. ( CLICK HERE to find out why)

I needed to find a solution to my problem and I needed to find it fast.

Click here for Part 2.

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires