Sunday, 29 June 2014

Beauty Counter 'Horror' Story

Can somebody help me to understand this nonsense that happened recently at the beauty counter?

Let me set the scene:
Someone very dear to me wanted to purchase powder and I went with them to assist as needed. Her shade was out of stock and as I watched the situation unfold I became more and more puzzled.

Why would a sales rep attempt to sell a customer a darker shade of powder without testing it on them first?

Why didn't the sales rep offer the customer a mirror to see their face after the powder was applied?

Why didn't the sales rep invite the customer to go outside to view their makeup in natural light?

Why didn't the sales rep determine how much the customer was planning to spend before placing other products that they recommended on the counter for the customer to purchase?

Why was the sales rep upset when the customer decided not to purchase the powder because their face looked ashy?

Why was the sales rep upset when the customer decided not to purchase the recommended products which they never wanted in the first place?

Why did the sales rep storm off instead of recommending something from another brand?

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for beauty sales reps to be more concerned with putting the customers' Best Face Forward (BFF), and not just making a sale.

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