Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Beauty Buyers Beware

    I wanted a purple and a pink lipstick, in fact they were all that I could think about.  So to put my mind at ease, I added them to my shopping list and the hunt began.

    The pink lipstick was no problem and the price was so right that I bought two of them, but the purple lipstick was another story.  I had visited a few stores but they did not have any, and there was one more store that I could check. 

    I was late but I still wanted to stop to buy a purple lipstick (mistake #1).  I checked my watch and hurried into the store which is known for selling a particular affordable brand.  The Sales Rep advised that there were no purple lipsticks and recommended a lipgloss which I tested on my hand. It was so gorgeous and pigmented that I knew I had to buy it.

    As  I went to select my product from the display case I noticed that it was shaped differently and packaged differently to the tester and to the other lipglosses beside it.  The Sales Rep saw my reaction and assured me 'oh it's the same thing'.  I pushed my doubts aside figuring that the packaging had been updated and bought the lipgloss.

    When I reached home and went to swatch the lipgloss I felt devastated.  

    Yes, the product was the same colour and it even had the same name but it was a different brand, and one that I have no problem using but it is not the brand that I went into the store to purchase.

    To make things worse it did not look nor feel the same way as the brand that I had tested.  In fact the store is not known for selling this brand, which is also affordable, but is not a prestigious as the other one.

    I was sad, upset and angry.  In my opinion what the Sales Rep and the store did was unethical and dishonest.  

    After much thought I decided to keep the lipgloss because my schedule would not have permitted me to return to the store anytime soon. 

    Plus I hadn't seen any purple lip products in the other stores that I had checked.

    I considered making a complaint, but knowing how customer service is in Barbados, I doubted that anything would have come out of it.    Thankfully it only cost BDS$10, so it didn't cause my purse too much pain.  I cut my loses and learnt a huge lesson:

  1. Never go make-up shopping for a new product when I am in a hurry
  2. Don't ignore my 'gut-feeling'
  3. I can't trust Sales Reps 100% (so sad but so true in this case) 

  4.  Sales Reps have a critical role to play because they make recommendations that influence your purchase decisions.  This is the first time I have experienced something like this and it is not something that I would want to ever experience again. 

     How to Choose the Right Shade of Foundation or Powder highlights a another bad experience that I had.

    Come on Sales Reps, you can and should do better than this.

    *UPDATE* - Would you believe that eventually fell in love with purple lipgloss?View the Facebook tribute here.

    "...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires