Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Swatch Me - Meta OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss

At first glance I thought that this 'neon-red' was too bright for me and that I would never be able to wear it.  I'm happy to say that I was wrong and I actually like it.

Meta is a fun, playful colour and that is exactly how I feel when I wear it.  It isn't opaque like the Lip Tars nor as thick.  The colour is still very lovely and the name isn't bad either.

Wondering what a 'Swatch-Cloth' is?  It's how I affectionately refer to the evidence of my swatching.  I included it to give a behind the scenes peek - there is alot of wiping off and reapplying (to say the least).

Special thanks to Lip Factory, Inc. for taking me out of my 'Colour Comfort Zone', I won Meta in one of their giveaways. 
Even though I always find a way to wear most make-up colours, and look great while doing it; I would never have given that colour a second glance.  

As the saying goes 'don't knock it until you try it' because you may find a lovely make-up treasure.

In case you missed them here are swatches of OCC Lip Tar Hoochie and OCC Lip Tar Stalker , who also make an appearance on the 'Swatch-Cloth'.

Thanks so much for visiting, see you next Wednesday.

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires