Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review - MAC Mineralized Eye Cream

I have always wanted to get rid of the darkness from my under-eye area.  The darkness was not extreme but it was noticeable and I hated it.

I had grown tired of the temporary solution of using concealer and extra powder to hide it.  I have always been scared to buy products to treat the issue because they are so expensive and there was no guarantee that they would work.

MAC Mineralized Eye Cream was one of the products I selected after attending MAC Technique 2013 (Click here and here for more details).

The Sales Rep advised that it is not an instant fix, that it is supposed to work over time. The product was very expensive and it was so small. I must confess that by the time I left MAC I was overcome with doubts.  

Had I chosen wisely?

Will it really work?

Did I just waste my money?

Should I have chosen something else?

I started using this product from October 2013.  I faithfully applied it twice daily and waited patiently.  After 3 weeks I noticed that underneath my eye wasn't as dark as before.  I was so excited!!!!  This was a very encouraging sign.

It is now May 2014, 7 months have passed.  I have 1/4 of the product left and the darkness has gone.  

What a relief!

"...because your make-up should always enhance." - Nakita Squires