Sunday, 19 January 2014

The First Thing To Consider When Recreating Make-Up Looks

I remember trying and trying to recreate make-up looks when I was younger.  But no matter how closely I followed the instructions, my make-up never came out the way it was supposed to.  Especially for applying eye-shadow(especially the infamous smokey eye) and blush.

I just could not understand why this was happening.

Deep in thought (no make-up)

And then one day it just dawned on eyelids and cheeks were different to the ones in the picture or video!!!! Suddenly everything began to make sense.  I realised that all of my efforts had been in vain, that I had been trying to do the impossible.

I remember applying vibrant eye-shadow to my entire lid and thinking "this looks so ridiculous" or even "I look like I am wearing a superhero eye-mask".  And what about the traditional smokey eye? All of that black eye-shadow had me looking like someone gave me a black-eye. I have a large eyelid, enough to share, I kid you not.  These days I use a neutral eye-shadow on 3/4 of my eyelid and just add a hint of colour to my lower lid.  For the smokey eye, green, blue and purple look much better on me.

Don't let me get started about the blush.  Smile and apply to the apples of your cheek I've been told. Well when I stop smiling, the apples of my cheek fall to somewhere near my mouth - NOT a good look.  I prefer to apply my blush to my cheek bone and/or just under my cheek bone, depending on if I am highlighting/contouring.

Now the first thing I do now before rushing off to recreate a look is to check for similarities and differences. Then I make sure that I can adapt the technique if needed before I even think about reaching for my make-up.

The reality is that many times techniques have to be modified to make them work for you.   I see them as more of a starting point/guide than a 'one-size fits all' because quite a few factors will influence the outcome of your efforts.  So please, please, please don't worry if your results differ,  what's more important is that they enhance your beauty.

If only I had figured this out sooner..., but that is one of the fun things about make-up.  There are always things to discover and to learn.

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires