Sunday, 26 January 2014

Consider This When Buying Your Make-up Brushes

When buying make-up brushes in the past I would usually just check that it was the type of brush that I wanted, and go straight to the cashier.

That worked most of the time, but a few times I ended up with brushes that were too big for my face. Seeing a brush in its packaging is one thing, but when I used the brushes to apply my make-up I realised something wasn't right.  This happened with my blending brush and blush brush.


Shouldn't any sized brush work on any face?  The answer is maybe, but you will have to get a little creative.

When I first used the brushes; I had to do a lot of wiping off to remove the excess product. I soon grew tired of this and started using the corner or the tip of the brush to ensure that too much product was not applied to my face.

So these days  I also consider the size of the brush to make sure that it is the correct size for my face. Thankfully, most brushes are currently available in a variety of sizes. Sometimes I even have to buy a brush of a different type, once it has the same shape and type of bristles as the brush that I need.  In fact, many times I have walked out of the store empty handed because the brush was too big for me.  This happened when I was trying to find a concealer brush for my under-eye area.   It took a while before I found one, but my E.L.F Essential Concealer Brush was worth the effort.

So for those of you who find that your brushes are too large or too small, you may need to check another store or another brand to find the right size brush for you.  It's out there somewhere, you just have to take the time to find it.

From my personal kit - brushes and face products

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