Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Make-up Night Adventure

I remember everything about that night so clearly; as though it only just happened.  It was the first of its kind, and hopefully the last.

I was getting dressed for an elegant event and I was behind schedule.  All I could do when my ride arrived was to toss my essential make-up items (powder, lipstick, brow pencil, mascara, blush) into a cosmetic bag and rush through the door.

Applying make-up in traffic is nothing new, but it usually occurs during the day in slow moving traffic, not at night with the driver's foot flat on the gas pedal.  I thought to myself "this will be interesting" and it was, to say the least.

As you would imagine there was no lighting and I had to make the best of every street-light that I passed.  I waited eagerly for the moments the vehicle was forced to slow down or stop because I did not want to make any mistakes.  I cringed whenever the road got bumpy or there were potholes.

I had to be as quick as possible instead of my usual leisurely, enjoyable pace.  I created a simple make-up look, to attempt to do otherwise would have resulted in certain disaster.

Even though I could barely see what I was doing, I have applied make-up for so many years that I just did what I was accustomed doing.  When I arrived at the event I checked the mirror for the last time.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realized that my make-up looked great.

"All's will that ends well" they say and after all of that excitement I was so thankful that it did end well.

"...because your make-up should always BE (Blend and Enhance)." - Nakita Squires