Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review - Bodico Forehead & Chin Strips

On my last visit to Collins I saw a different (and cheaper) brand of pore strips on the shelf.

The adventurer in me decided to give it a try.  I figured that I could trust Collins' judgement, or so I thought. HUGE MISTAKE!!!

I bought the Forehead & Chin Strips to see if they would remove the whiteheads on my chin and at the outer edges of my lips.

I followed the instructions and waited impatiently for the strips to work their magic.  When I attempted to remove the strips they did not come off as easily as the other brands that I have used.   In fact, it caused me some discomfort and slight panic. I started to feel nervous  because I had never experienced anything like this before. I had to soak the strip with water before I could peel it off, and at first it felt like my skin was coming off with the strip.

When I examined the strip I saw facial hair on it but no skin, thank God.  I'm wondering if this batch got mixed up with the wax strips? I'm just saying.  Would you believe that the whiteheads did not budge?

My skin was sore afterwards; so you can imagine how harsh this product was. I had to apologise to my skin.

I could not even find any product  information on the internet when I was searching for photos for this post.  I saw a few products by the brand, but not this particular product.  Should I be even more concerned?

I would not recommend this product to anyone, not even if their skin is tough like old leather.

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